Friday, October 25, 2013

Supplies To Take to The Rental Facility, Reception Music Without a DJ, A DIY Dance Floor


The Back Up Box

If you are renting a facility you will need to start setting aside items that you will need the day of your event.  The rental facility cupboards are bare...and there is no drawer in the kitchen that has a stash of the odds and ends that you can grab as needed.
I set a Back Up Box set up to include all the miscellaneous items that might be needed during setting up for an event; whether for the kitchen or reception areas.  I used a large plastic container with handles and a lid that that popped on and off.  I had a checked list in the box and verified that everything was replenished before I started to a function.  If something was missing I would invariably need it.


Options for Music During the Reception

      Over the years I have heard very good, good and some not-so-good DJ's.  And the very good ones tended to be very expensive.  During a networking function I met with a DJ who offered several very unique packages.  He rented MP3 players with portable speakers on stands,  and he also offered the MP3s with a selection of pre-recorded play lists, or he would record a personalized selection for individual clients.  I thought he was brilliant because he was able to appeal to four different markets, instead of just the traditional DJ for a day.  His pricing for the MP3s and speakers was very reasonable and appealed to a large section of the DIY market. 

What do you have available to create your own package- a MP3 player and a dock?  Check with friends for speakers?  Many people use MP3, IPod or IPhone docks and dropped off their good stereo speakers at the closest pawn shop.  You might even have a pair speakers floating around the house.  Here is a web-site that provides directions for the wire hook-up.  
Also, call your local rental facility to inquire about renting a cordless microphone. The cordless microphone is guaranteed to “up” the perception of professionalism at your event.  Another option is to check with your local DJ’s to see if they offer a similar package, or would be willing to record your play list on your MP3.  One of the advantages of having a DJ record a play list is that he/she will be familiar with the timing of the event and can provide the appropriate ambiance.  If you do record your own, think about the mood you want to set during each course of the reception. Guest arrival, bride and groom entry, dining, champagne and toasts, initial wedding party dances, variety of tempos for dancing (if applicable).    

Pinterest and Google are excellent resources for unlimited “wedding reception music”.  There are countless playlists for the different activities that take place during a reception.   It would be very easy to pre-record your music while "timing" your reception at the same time, just allow enough time to transition from one activity to another.  The various songs could be set up as "cues" for upcoming activity in the reception.   It is recommended that you designate a friend  to act as "master of ceremonies" and the play list could provide the cues for him to move to next activity.  In addition, he can responsible for monitoring the sound level.....turning it down for toasts etc.  

Professional DJ's keep their playlists on a laptop computer, which is hooked up to large speakers;  also a possibility to consider.   The advantage to using a laptop is the ability for an unlimited number of songs on your playlist, and it is easier to arrange or modify the order of the songs.

The Dance Floor


If you are having your reception outdoors and want to dance I came across the perfect solution while cruising blogs.   A DIY project for the guys.

Laura posted this on her wedding blog and included complete instructions with pictures.

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