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Yummy Recipe I Have Used for Over 40 Years, Thinking About a DIY Wedding Cake?


     This is a timeless recipe that I found in Sunset Magazine 43 years ago.  I served this at my engagement party and over the years it has travelled to countless pot-lucks and parties, in addition to being served at numerous clients’ receptions.  The combination of spices in the pork mingling with the sauce creates a flavor combination that is unique.  On many occasions when there were multiple meat ball recipes these would disappear first.  It was not uncommon to see someone transferring the remaining meatballs from another dish into the left-over sauce from this recipe. 

     The recipe can be prepared a month or more in advance, frozen and then re-heated the day of your event.
This makes 60-80 pieces.



We don't have room to set-up a buffet.

How can we still serve a crowd?
     You might be renting a facility, or having an event in your home, and don't have a space sixteen feet long and four feet wide to set up a buffet.  What to do?    Set up serving stations in different parts of the room, or in various rooms; depending on the location.  This is also an excellent way to get people to mingle at smaller functions.  This has even worked well in homes with over 100 guests attending an event.  In a home, an increased guest count will require additional stations, with food selections placed in more than one location.
                 There are some different scenarios that you might need to accommodate.
          If you are in a rental facility and guests can visit each station and the proceed to their table to sit down and eat; use regular dinner sized plates.  The guests can scatter to different stations to begin so plates should be available on every station.  It is wise to increase the number of plates when you plan your service needs.  Add 5% if renting, 10% if using disposables.
           If you will be in a home, with stations scattered through several rooms, and guests sitting in a variety of locations, or standing, the guests will be more apt to visit a station and then eat that food before finding the next station to sample the dishes there.  Some guests will set down their plate and then pick up a new plate at the next station.  I found that using a large salad plate works well in this situation.  It is less awkward for the guest to handle and it is easier for them to find room to set down the plate if necessary.  Also using smaller plates provides more room for food on each table.  
If you are tempted to a plate with a cup holder like this:
purchase the most expensive one your can afford. 
The inexpensive plates will crack and break when you take them out of the box and try to separate them.  Fortunately the first client I worked with that ordered them had doubled her order because she was planning another event.  We would have been about 35% short because so many of them were unusable.  The heavier more expensive plates are wonderful and guests appreciate not needing to balance a plate and drink while attempting to eat.


There are 960 ounces in a keg of beer
7.5 gallons = 30 quarts = 70 each 14 oz. glasses

Gently Used Items of the Week

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 Photo Booth Items for Sale


Location: Royal Palm Beach, Florida, USA
$ 75.00

Masks, lip/mustaches on a stick, beads, masks, prewritten signs, chalk boards with chalk markers and more than I can begin to photo. This one set up will be enough to take care of any photo booth.


Large Assortment of Accessories for the Reception

This bride used lots of bling for her reception, including the napkin rings pictured above.  See all sorts of vases, signs and more at


Rustic Hanging Mason Jars

But, if you are planning on a rustic theme these might be of interest
These were hung with burlap string on rungs of a ladder with candles lit inside.

DIY Wedding Cake?

Are you thinking of having a friend or acquaintance make your cake for you, but just aren't sure?   Visit this board to read about bride's experiences with DIY wedding cakes
Next - how much champagne do you need to purchase?  How many people will you need to help so the mother of the bride is not frantic and can enjoy the big day?
Don't forget to visit the Frugally Fabulous Pinterest boards for all sorts of resources and ideas for your DIY wedding reception.


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