Friday, October 10, 2014

DIY Appetizer Quantities for a Crowd

Here is a quick reference guide to use if you are planning appetizers for a crowd, either before a meal or by themselves.  One thing to bear in mind if you a selecting recipes to be used for a reception or event where you might not be available to do last minute food preparations.....unless you have lots of help don't plan on the cute looking sampling portions arranged in little cones, spoons, shot glasses etc.  There won't be enough time to plate all those adorable looking goodies  Period!  If you have your heart set on this type of presentation redo the budget so you can hire the caterer to do all the set-up.

I will be including quantities for a crowd for various types of food in upcoming blogs, but for now I address the appetizers. If you are planning an event where you will be tied up taking pictures and the guests will be waiting more than an hour for your appearance, plan on having the some nibbles for the guests to enjoy with their liquid libations.  No matter what, the liquor, beer and soft drinks should be iced and ready for the first guest who walks through the door.   If children are attending set up a small table for them with kid friendly goodies,,,Gold Fish crackers, cheese cubes and black olives are favorites.  Also set out an assortment of juice boxes so they don't fill up on sodas before the meal.

About half of my clients chose to serve appetizers in with the salads on the buffet if the meal was served shortly after the guests arrival.  This seemed to add to the richness of the buffet and helped fill up the plate before the guests reached the protein at the end of the buffet..... another money saver.  I recommend only serving two appetizer type dishes if they are included in the buffet.

Here are the quantities....have fun.
Appetizers for a Crowd



  1. This looks like a great chart to go by. I have been looking at inspiration for the appetizers for my wedding. I think a few different choices at my wedding reception would be smart. That way, everyone would get what they like.

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