Tuesday, September 10, 2013

How Much Space Do You Need? Rectangle or Round Tables?

How Large of a Facility Do I Need to Rent?


Several things will need to be considered in the equation.  First of all is the number of guests you have invited...how many do you think will attend?  At this point we need to interject some very sad and disturbing information; fewer people will initially respond to your RSVP than you are anticipating.  And this is the most common frustration voiced by our clients. 

So, consider this information from a person who has been in the wedding planning business since 1994; 
"From my experience, 15-20% of guests who RSVP'd 'yes', will not show. And about 5-10% will show that either did not RSVP or RSVP'd 'no'."

But there are other factors to consider. If your guest list is 100 or below, count on most of those guests to attend because most likely they are your closest family and friends. Also, if many guests have to travel to your wedding, the number of actual attendees will be less.

So, now you have a little more information to put into your thinking cap in determining how many guest tables  and total square feet you will need.

The next consideration is whether you want to seat the guests at round or oblong tables.  Most rental facilities can provide the oblong tables.  If you want round tables check with your facility to determine if you need to rent them. 

Most of the rental round tables available seat 8 or 10 people and will provide a more formal and intimate atmosphere.  However, space constraints, or budget, might require that you use the oblongs.  These come in 6' and 8' lengths and seat 6 or 8 people if placed end to end.  Seating is less complicated with the oblongs, as you have fewer potential holes if there are odd numbered parties.  It also provides an opportunity for larger groups of people to interact with each other up and down the length of the table.

Space Allowance

To seat 96 guests you will need a space 30' x 40' for 12  round tables

To seat 96 people you will need a space 20' x 40' for 12 oblong tables.

Add additional footage as indicated for each area.
Wedding Party   5' x 20' for 2 oblongs 8' long placed end to end to seat 8
Bar Area          10' x 10'
Sign In Table     5' x 10'
Gift Table          8' x 10'
Cake Table      10' x 15'
Buffet                6' x 30'
DJ                    10' x 20'

Using the above stats you would need a minimum of 2200 square feet to accommodate 96 guests, a wedding party of 8 and a dance floor.

To adjust for additional guests add 10 square feet for every round table that seats 8.  If using oblong tables allow 8.3 to 9.4 square feet per table.

 Hopefully this will give you a starting point in determining how much room you need, based on your guest count.

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