Monday, August 26, 2013

Frugally Fabulous Wedding Receptions - The Beginning

I am so excited for the opportunity to share with you the knowledge I gained during my years of helping clients with their DIY wedding receptions.  I spent many hours in consultations with fantastic people; some with unlimited funds who choose to spend the money elsewhere (for down-payment on a house, or the honeymoon) and others who had limited resources, but didn't want the reception to reflect that fact. 

I had "self-catered" my own reception for my second marriage, held at Lake Tahoe on the beach, and really enjoyed the experience.  The 90 plus guests that joined us for the afternoon at the picnic pavilion raved about the food, the relaxed atmosphere and expressed that "it was the best wedding reception" they had attended.   Several years later I had the opportunity to help a friend with her "self-catered reception" and Frugally Fabulous Events (helping people plan and organize their event and then performing on site coordination functions during the event) was born.  Two things happened after we set-up a booth with a mock self-catered buffet at the first big Bridal Faire of the year. The first was that we spoke with so many people that we lost our voices within three hours.  The second was that the following year we booked so much word of mouth business that we didn't have to participate in the bridal faire again.  During the years that followed we worked with brides, their mothers, friends, etc. on countless events with guest lists ranging from 25 to 300.   

And then it was time for me to write a comprehensive book to help others benefit from all our years of experience.  Click here to go to your complete planning guide - Frugally Fabulous Wedding Receptions.  And now I am looking forward to being able to share additional insights, tips and recipes for anyone seeking information to help them plan their reception.  I will be pinning a wide variety of reference pictures on Pinterest; some covering "how to" topics, some will include resources, new recipes - all sorts of fun stuff.  Between this blog and my Pinterest board - a wide variety of information will be available. 

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