Sunday, December 15, 2013

DIY Rose and Holly Table Arrangement Using Coffee Filter Flowers and Artificial Greens



Make DIY Floral Arrangements For The Reception To Match Your Bouquet

There are so many stunning bridal bouquets...  why not treat yourself to the one your heart truly wants.  And then save the difference by creating your own arrangements for the guest tables at a fraction of the cost.  

The popularity of this bouquet that I pinned from Bravo Bride a few weeks ago prompted my creative side to come out and play. 

I found a great template for coffee filter flowers (yes, of course it is included later in the blog) and found I could make paper roses very easily. 

Here is the result of my "playtime"

Coffee Filter Rose Bouquet with Pine and Holly


The learning curve for making the flowers was very short.  Putting together the arrangements didn't take long.  Taking the pictures required the most time.

In addition to plain white filters,  I also used light pink filters that I had tinted previously with jel food coloring.

Here are the additional materials I used.

1.  After covering the jar with tissue, wrap a sparkly white opaque ribbon around the jar.
2.  Put in two or three artificial pine boughs cut from a garland
3.  Arrange flowers among the pine boughs - design note: always use uneven number of the major focal points in an arrangement.
4.  Fill with holly or eucalyptus branches (use real or artificial)
5.  Tuck in berry clusters for accent
6.  Tuck in baby rose buds (see pattern for making spiral rose buds below)
7.  I also used some slim white flowers for contrast
8.  If you need help with the arrangement go to You Tube and enter floral arranging...there are some great tutorials. 

Resources for this DIY project.

These are the best instruction for coffee filter flowers
that I have found online

I will be experimenting with creating different types of blossoms with this method.   Watch Pinterest for new creations.

To learn how to make spiral rose buds visit

Have fun....

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